Friday, July 06, 2012

Relaxing at the "Cabin", Baraque de Fraiture, Ardennes, Belgium and Luxembourg

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Kim and Thomas at the Stone Cabin in Baraque de Fraiture
Kim's parents own a beautiful, old stone house in the Ardennes, Southeastern Belgium.  Thomas and Kim fancied a couple of days away at the 'cabin' on the weekend, so we packed some groceries, beer and wine, and cruised to Baraque de Fraiture, settling in nicely to the cosy cabin.  It was a beautiful old stone house, and quite large for a 'cabin'.

The weather forecast was poor, with high chances of rain, but somehow, we missed it all.  We were able to eat our breakfasts and dinners out in the garden with views over the largest of Belgium's hills (not really that big actually),  and do some walking.  The four of us went out for a few hours of fresh air and enjoyed some of the lovely countryside with fresh smelling wildflowers and horses with some pretty shaggy manes covering their eyes!  We had views back over our little village, and also of the local ski hill,
With Thomas inside the cabin
which I must say wasn't that impressive - I think I learned on hills bigger in Canada!!

In the afternoon, we went on a a small road trip.  As with everything in Belgium, it was only 30 minutes to the Luxembourg border and then on to the picturesque town of Clerveaux.  Built on a bend in the river, the town is situated beautifully in the valley, with the castle and church holding a dominant position in the centre of town.  For me, it was exciting to add another country to my 'visited' list.  It was pleasant afternoon walking around, and even up to the huge monastery at the top of the valley.  Luxembourg was how I pictured it….  rolling hills of green, animals, and interesting architecture.

We bought some delicious meats that night, and had a large BBQ.  We also managed to try some
The Church at Clervaux
horse meat, that is quite common in Belgium, and pretty tasty to say the least!  Fire, games and beers finished out a relaxing night.

In the morning, we were on our way back to Antwerp, but had to stop along the way at what is billed as the "smallest city in the world" - Durbuy, Belgium.  Again, a fleeting visit, but what could you expect from a town so small!!  I guess back in 1331, the village had all the makings of a city - a castle, a police station, and a courthouse, so it was granted the status.  I don't think it's grown much since then, and probably never will because the locals want to stay the smallest!!  Just a cluster of cobblestone streets and quaint houses, but tons of tourists and activities around.  We saw plenty of people canoeing down the river, past the Tourelles castle.  Most getting stuck on the rocks in front, and trying to figure out what to do next!!   *Stub

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