Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mozambique Reunion, Chiswick, England

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Jennie, Jenny, Andy, Sean and Michelle on dessert
We met the MegaBus just after midnight in downtown Brussels in the dark and rain.  I think we both slept most of the way through Belgium and France, but our bus almost missed the booked ferry back to the UK.   Greeted by the white cliffs of Dover, we promptly fell back to sleep for the final leg back in to London.  It was quick Tube ride to Chiswick Park and we knocked on Jennie and Sean's door around 8AM.  Jennie and Sean were the couple we met getting on a minibus in Swaziland bound for Maputo, Mozambique.  It was a chance meeting, but we got along so well that we spent the better part of the next two weeks together before parting ways.  We had been in touch for some time about getting together back in London, and all of us were excited to see the others.

It's always very interesting seeing people whom you've met in one traveling location and then seeing them in their normal lives.  Lots had changed for them, as they've since been married, found a lovely home, and were now expecting their first child. 

Sean tasting some Belgian Trappistes
Their hospitality was second to none, and since they really understood what it is like traveling, they knew what we needed in a home atmosphere.  We had plenty to talk about, and really enjoyed a day catching up around the Chiswick area.  Their generosity was spectacular and we hope to return the favour in Canada one day soon.

But, the Mozambique reunion was not complete.  That night we were expecting a visit from Jenny and Andy.  Another couple the four of us met on a minibus heading up to Vilanculos.  Jenny and Andy were a real scream, and we were all anticipating a night full of belly laughs!!  And so it was.  A delicious lamb curry meal, with a selection of cakes.  Complete with plenty of wine with dinner, and a Belgian beer tasting for dessert.  I had brought a selection of my favourites back for everyone to try (not knowing that Jennie was pregnant - sorry).

Biscuit, J-Lo and Martin at the pub
What a fun night we all had.  It's good to laugh so hard like that every so often, but I must say that the next day wasn't too pleasant for most (except maybe Jennie).  It was a quick visit, but we hoped to see them all again during our time in England.

While in London, we also caught up with old friends Biscuit, and Bartlett (J-Lo).  These guys had been working hard on various jobs to do with setting up the Olympics.  The time was now coming close and we were happy they could spare a little time.  Michelle's school friend Steve Downes also made a trip to Balham.  All pub meetings over some beers as it goes, but really great to catch up.   We even managed a curry with Steve which was oooohhhhh so good.  These are all friends we knew we would see again on our planned visits to London, but there's never enough time as you would like!   *Stub

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